The Michis 😺 is a collection of 1000 unique, fun and diverse limited edition NFT cat avatars, living in the Ethereum Blockchain waiting for you to adopt them.

DROPS: Every Wednesday at 1pm CEST time!


What’s the pricing for each Michi 😺 ?
Each Michi NFT 😺 will only cost 0.05ETH.

Unique and limited edition

Are the 😺 Michis really unique and limited edition?
Yes! As unique as possible! Each 😺 Michi has been done by me by hand and is a unique 1/1 token. You won’t find anything like this anywhere. Also, they have unique combinations, using different hats, fur, eyes, colours, accessories, etc.… so yes, you can be sure that no one will have a Michi like yours ever 😺

Why Cats?

I think cats are incredible creatures, and I identify myself as a cat person! Also, this collection is inspired by my two unconditional furry family Dante & Marnie 😺 .If you already know me, you know that my first collection was the Lucky Cats; if not, then click here to see them. That’s why this collection couldn’t be different 😺…

1000 Michis

Are all 1000 Michis 😺 minted?
For the first release, there will be 25 out of 1000 minted.
The other 975 Michis are in the process to be minted in the next couple of
months. Follow us on Discord to find out when we’ll do our drops in
batches of 10 –25 per week! And maybe some extra special drops!

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