Once every month we will do a giveaway in which for a few days, people will have the opportunity to take home one of our Michis 😺 and be part of the family. 100 Michis have been reserved for collaborations, giveaways, etc…


Since I have an Online store for around 2 years now called Kumo Studio, I have decided to make some cool Merch. So, why not make cutes Michis enamel pins, stickers, lanyards, shirts, hats? I’m sure you’ll love it. All this will be subject to changes depending on the evolution of the campaign


This would be for all collectors which had 2 or more Michis 😺 in their wallets. I’ll select randomly through a raffle the 5 lucky collectors which will take home another Michi 😺 to add to their collection. The Collectors will be given a ticket per Michi on their wallet to enter in the raffle for the airdrops group

Live Auctions

Once we reach the 500 sold Michis we will start with the Live Auctions... there are 10 exclusive Michis 😺 that have complete different and unique attributes from the ones on the campaign, that can be only obtain through a live private auctions in our discord. On these auctions the only ones that can participate would be the collectors that has verified Michis on their wallet, and will have only 2 days to make offers on the NFTs and have one of these rare Michis 😺


Pixel Michis Tokens

There will also be tokens available for purchase and airdrop to customise your Michis 😺 even further. We will create and give/sell 100 Michi tokens that you can use to make your Michis 😺 unique. You're gonna be able to claim those Michi Tokens and get your pixelated Michis from 3rd week of November 2021.

Intellectual Property

As we said before MICHIS 😺 owners have shared commercial rights of their NFT MICHIS. The rights are shared with me, Pequelord. You’ll have the commercial rights of the Michis 😺 NFT only if you have them in your wallet, in the moment that you sell your Michi, you’ll loose all rights over the NFT, as well the rights of selling any kind of Michi’s Merchandise or related products.

As well as all of the above, there are also many other plans that can be carried out depending on how the campaign progresses. All will be discussed with the collectors on our Discord.

This is the Michis 1st series, which gives way for future development on different series or mini-series covering other attributes and thematics as collabs, pixelated, etc.

This is just the beginning 😻…

Get ready for much more…!!!

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